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Field Hockey Pro is the new Field Hockey Academy in The Woodlands for players ages 5 to 14, created to introduce and promote field hockey in the North Houston area.

Our vision

Create an enviroment in which kids and teens strengthen and polish their development as an integral, supportive, respectful and responsible part of society through a sport.

Our mission

Boost the teaching of field hockey by offering an alternative, recreational and competitive activity, in a healthy environment of games, fun and healthy competition.

Field Hockey Pro

Field Hockey Pro offers you a space where your children will not only learn a new sport, but also:

  • • Make new friends
  • • Learn the value of belonging to a team
  • • Be involved in a healthy and fit environment
  • • Participate in tournaments and competitions
  • • ... and they are going to have fun like never before!

With workouts during on weekdays after school, and games on the weekends, field hockey is the ideal activity for kids because it combines the development of sport techniques, motor skills and healthy habits, in an fun enviroment.

Learn about the benefits of field hockey. Visit "Why Play Field Hockey?"

Important: The accesories needed for practices will be provided by the Academy for the initial trainings.

You can register in our "REGISTRATION"section.