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Why play field hockey?

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Why play field hockey?

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Playing field hockey improves overall physical performance.

You work the muscle structure, especially the core muscles and legs, while developing skills in the upper limbs. In addition, it improves balance, coordination and agility, since very quick reactions are demanded during the game.
It is a very complete sport that requires good coordination and understanding between players, this promotes very healthy and positive values.


One of the strengths of this sport is the communication improvement between participants. Field hockey builds teamwork. Playing with a team of 11 people develops the spirit of teamwork for the successful achievement of goals and victory.
Playing field hockey involves verbal and non-verbal communication through the eyes and gestures between the players. Athletes communicate during a very fast paced game, which contributes to an improvement in their communication skills both on and off the field.


Exercise can boost your mood due to the release of endorphins, eliminating feelings of depression, stress and anxiety. Field Hockey requires good decision-making and strategy; these abilities can be transferred to your personal and professional life.


This sport develops an attitude of solidarity. A good player is not a star just because of her skill, she has earned the respect of her fellow teammates because of her ability, she knows how to make the whole group play.
In addition, field hockey improves the relationship with friends or peers and forms new relationships. For shy people, a team sport is ideal as it strengthens interpersonal relationships that can transfer to other facets of life.


Field hockey keeps you healthy and keeps you away from bad habits. Since Hockey is a sport of great physical demand, its practice encourages maintaining a healthy diet, an active life, and a clear mind. Kids who play field hockey, have a high probability of avoiding, in their adolescence, bad habits such as cigarette, alcohol and drugs.


College Field Hockey has grown in popularity to the point where it is now recognized by more than 250 colleges and universities in the U.S. All of this success, has made field hockey one of the most lucrative scholarship sports in America. Currently, there are more than 1,200 scholarships available each year for high school field hockey players interested in playing at a college level.